The New Rich: How To Get Rich: Online Business Startup & Secrets, Ideas for Startup, Online Business Ideas. Make Money Online (Online Business, Entrepreneurs, Make Money, Entrepreneurship)

The New Rich: How To Get Rich: Online Business Startup & Secrets, Ideas for Startup, Online Business Ideas. Make Money Online (Online Business, Entrepreneurs, Make Money, Entrepreneurship)

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✓✓✓ 2nd Edition Updated 20 May 2016

The New Rich: How to get rich

Get Rich Without Working Yourself to Death

The Secrets of Earning and Accumulating Money Big Time while enjoying the World with Family!

You can be rich, a millionaire, depending on how you handle things. But even without the millions and billions (maybe that’s too far off for you although you’re going to get there), your life will never be the same if you earn, say, ,000 or 0,000 or even more a month. 

That’s enough money to let you have all the fun, family time, and feasts anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, not many are doing as well as others – people who believed and acted upon their convictions. You will realize that a simple mind shift could spell the difference. And that’s the way to start for you to get rich.  

Say goodbye to a life of uncertainty. Spend a few minutes perusing this material designed to help you fulfill your dreams, be the person you have always wanted, and start living a life of happiness. I will show secrets to having this life that you deserve.

You have no idea how to start?

Your problem is not lack of opportunities or lack of resources. The real culprit is your inability to know the how and the when, and taking the first step. 

If you’re clueless, don’t worry; I will walk you through this process of experiencing financial success. If you have already started making some strides, I will help you achieve even more. Read on and see how you can make a difference in your life and be financially successful.

The Pythagoreans, according to Dr. Isaac Watts, had a very sacred rule in life. It was their practice to evaluate all the day’s activities or events before going to sleep. The evaluation was not done only once or twice but thrice. The reason, of course, is obvious – they wanted to ascertain how they fared in all their affairs, what was done wrong and what was accomplished right. 

Like the Pythagoreans, all of us need to evaluate our lives from time to time because doing so is a critical step towards financial success. To be wealthy, you need to look inward first. Yes, begin with an honest look at yourself. Looking inward allows you to understand your need to undergo a heart surgery, even a brain surgery. 

Do you have the right mindset to make money?

The point is this: making money is all about psychology. To accumulate wealth, you have to have a brand new mind, convinced that everything is possible to those who believe. According to Equity Group Investments founder Sam Zell, the state of one’s mind dictates his or her lot in life, particularly the area of financial stability. In an interview, Zell said, “Why is it always assumed that somebody doesn’t succeed because he can’t, as opposed to he doesn’t want to…?” In short, Zell is arguing that people are poor because they choose to be poor. It’s not that they are helpless, but because they don’t try. I agree a hundred percent.

The New Rich Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Money-Making the Surest and Easiest Way: How to amass wealth without working yourself to death.
  • Chapter 2: Money within Your Reach: Choose Freedom and Financial Prowess
  • Chapter 3: Money Welling from Within: How changing your mindset can make you rich
  • Chapter 4: Don’t Be a Slave For Life, Be Your Own Boss 
  • Chapter 5: Tapping the Money-making Machine: Internet


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