The Home-Based Entrepreneur’s Guide to Blogging – A Primer On Operating Your Own Business Blog

The Home-Based Entrepreneur's Guide to Blogging - A Primer On Operating Your Own Business Blog

With a blog, you can create (or further) your home-based business identity. Blogs are a fast way to get information (and product links) to your readership, who in most cases are also your customers. Building that reader relationship is the foundation for increasing your bottom line.

But that is after you have built a readership. If you are just starting out blogging, how do you get your blog out in front of the herd of other business bloggers and build a readership? That is where our guide comes into play.

In “the Home-Based Entrepreneur’s Guide to Blogging”, you’ll find information on how to:
==> buy and choose a domain name
==> find a host for your blog
==> choose a blogging platform
==> identify with your audience
==> write engaging blog posts
==> come up with blog ideas (even when you are drawing a blank)
==> get traffic to your blog
==> optimize your blog both online and off
==> promote your blog
==> monetize your blog
==> build your business through blogging

Click the the Buy button now to order your copy. Join the thousands of other home-based entrepreneurs that are building their business through blogging.

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