The eBay Repeat Sale Profit Machine

The eBay Repeat Sale Profit Machine

Message from the Author

Thank you for choosing my eBook which I hope will help you earn a good living selling all manner of very different goods and services on eBay and, most importantly, for you to sell the same products several times every week, maybe every day, using the information contained in my guide.

I have been selling on eBay for more than ten years and for most of that time I’ve passed on my knowledge about eBay as editor of London-based print newsletter, ‘eBay Confidential’.

The business I’m writing about now has helped readers worldwide make money on eBay, essentially because this business model works incredibly well, and secondly because the same or even higher profits can be made no matter where in the world you live and work – as long as you have access to eBay, that is!

Below are some listings for products already known to have sold multiple times on eBay, some just a few hundred times, while others have attracted two or three thousand or even higher sales. Just imagine each sale generates two or three pounds or dollars, or any other country currency, and you can imagine how much profit just one product can add to your business.

Here are those examples:

– Baby Pram + FREE Car seat – Pushchair – 16 COLOURS – 3,021 sales

– Inkless Wipe Hand & Foot Print Kit Baby & Newborn Safe – 5,498 sales

– 3ft Rabbit Hutch / Guinea Pig Run / Deluxe Pet Hutches / Ferret Cage Pets House – 1,220 sales

– UK Delivery 48 Acrylic Glitter Liquid Nail Art Brush Glue UV Powder Set Kit Tips – 5,278 sales

– LIVE LAUGH LOVE Wall Quote Stickers Removable Vinyl Decal Home Art Decoration – 3,096 sales

– Brand New Large Animal Leopard Print Shawl Scarf – 6,933 sales
Now imagine you have ten repeat sale items in your eBay inventory, each generating handsome profits, what might your eBay annual profits amount to then?

Or say you have one hundred products, or even more, each one selling hundreds or thousands of time every year, and each product attracting one hundred pounds pure profit or more on every sale. How much money will you be making?

Work out the figures for yourself based on ideas contained in my book to help you research and source, locate and test market, then create permanent listings for one, two, three, or possibly thousands of goods and services known to attract multiple sales daily.

Now you know what this report is all about, isn’t it time you got on with creating your own repeat sale profit machine on eBay? This report will show you how.
Good luck and best wishes

Avril Harper

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